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Should You Cleanse Different Crystals Differently?

Should You Cleanse Different Crystals Differently?

Should You Cleanse Different Crystals Differently?

Do you need to cleanse different crystals differently? Should you cleanse them in different ways based on their element, energy or planetary association?

People have been asking me if they NEED to cleanse different crystals differently. They usually mean the type of crystal, such as Amethyst or Hematite for example. You may have been told that different crystals should be cleansed in different ways. This is often based on element associations but it can be astrology or their energy.

Various types of incense
Incense uses smoke which makes it an air element method

Do Certain Cleansing Methods Harm Some Crystals?

You might have seen people cleansing all their crystals in different ways and wondered if you should be doing this. Perhaps you may have heard that Moonstone prefers to be cleansed by moonlight because its planetary association is the moon.

Some people have told me that they were told that certain cleansing methods are bad for some crystals. For example, cleansing a fire element crystal, like Garnet in water.

Please note this blog post is not about physical damage which is science-based (such as Selenite dissolving in water). What we are talking about here is the energy only.

Crystal Element Considerations

Not everyone agrees on element associations so you will have to find a source you trust or come up with your own intuitive sense of this. I’ve noticed few crystal books list the element associations and even less show astrological associations.

I feel that many crystals are a mix of two or more elements. It’s that alchemical mix that makes each crystal or gemstone unique. How will you cleanse a combination stone or decide if one element is dominant? The element association of crystals like Halite, aqua or Blue Calcite is usually water. However, they are physically damaged or will dissolve in water…

Different cleansing methods. Should you cleanse crystals differently?
Should you cleanse crystals differently?

Do You NEED To Cleanse Different Crystals Differently?

The short answer to this is no, not unless you want to of course. In my opinion, working with crystals is a personal practice. Your crystals, your way. Although some traditions might have rules around crystals, in contemporary crystal healing this is less common. Of course, in any spiritual community, you will come across people with strong opinions and even a few gatekeepers.

It is absolutely fine to cleanse crystals differently based on things like the elements, astrology or your intuition. Just please be careful with people telling you not to use a method based on their spiritual beliefs or practices.

If someone tells you you must cleanse different crystals differently or this crystal only one way then it’s a huge red flag. We don’t need the crystal police!

Crystals in a copper pyramid
Copper pyramids can be seen as a spirit or a fire element method

Why I Don’t Cleanse Different Crystals In Different Ways

I personally believe that cleansing is cleansing. I don’t believe that any method is better, they are just different ways. Also, I don’t believe that a crystal will be energetically harmed by the cleansing method you choose. Cleansing is such a short process, it’s not a long-term thing.

How I cleanse my crystals is based on what I feel is right at the time and also convenient. If you have a lot of crystals like me, cleansing them all differently is not very practical.

Another dilemma for me would be my crystal grids, they use a combination of crystals and rarely will they be of one element. Taking my crystal grids apart and cleansing each group of crystals differently seems a bit complex and time consuming to me.

crystal grid with lots of different crystals
Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Other Things To Think About

When you cleanse your home that method is also element based. So let’s say you use a singing bowl, that is sound-based, an air element method. Everything in your home has an element association as well as all your crystals.

As everything is going to get cleansed, how would the element or astrology cleansing theory work here? Would you need to cleanse all the items in your home with four or five different methods? Just a few things to think about.

My crystals have never felt anything but cleansed, balanced and vibrant after I cleanse them. This is after any method I use at the time. I also have never felt that they needed different methods or prefered one way over others. This is just my experience though.

What Should You Do?

Again, I want to be clear, what you do is what feels right, makes sense and works for you. There is no wrong way and I know people that cleanse different crystals differently. Just make sure that you think about this carefully before deciding. Just don’t do something out of fear or because Karen on Facebook tells you to do it.

Hopefully, the post has given you some food for thought. Do you have a question or comment? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).

If you are looking for other information please use the search box or visit my FREE Resources page to see if it’s already been covered elsewhere.

With gratitude,


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18 thoughts on “Should You Cleanse Different Crystals Differently?

  1. Nanette

    Thank you……that was valuable info, I like your statement my crystals-my way.
    I put my crystals al together on my large desk in front of a lar window every 2 weeks full or new moon for charging.
    When I purchase a crystal I put into Himalayan salt for a few hours or overnight, remove them and then rinse away the salt down the sink. I have also smudged my crystals or used the singing bowl. Personally I don’t believe there’s ever a need for water to cleanse……too much work for me….haha thanks again.
    Btw I did get your crystal grid book…..I really like the simplicity and clear info.

  2. Karen

    An interesting blog thank you for doing this. I love my crystals and have had them for many years. I feel you get a second sense when they need cleansing and somehow know what’s right at the time.
    On a separate note, why do Karen’s get such a bad rep. My daughter finds it hysterical.

    1. Cherry

      It is a bit daft to disrespect someone just because of their name.

      If it’s any consolation, I had an auntie Karen, and she was never anything but lovely.

      Love and Light.

  3. Giuliana P

    I cleanse my crystals with sage but I am unsure how long you should cleanse each crystal. I’m not particularly fond of the sage smell and wondered if using something else would be better.

  4. Heather Lascano

    I love the my crystals, my way. Just intuitively do it the way you feel. I give options to people and let them figure it out. I prefer white sage for everything. Do it and be done with it. I actually deeply cleanse crystals so thoroughly with sage, my shamanic breaths are so deep and releasing. Many crystals even change colors, get lighter, more transparent clarity, and details become more defined. Sounds, my 13″ C# crystal singing bowl cleanses the entire house and I don’t even focus or think of the exact crystals I’m clearing. I just focus on myself and the space. Do it and be done with it. Very rarely I use Copal de la Penca but I will if it’s extra gross sticky energy. I only water my Larimar stones if they fall under the bed. Come to think of it, you made me realize it’s probably my only water element crystal. Lol. I told my mother to use the sun, I told some clients to use Palo Santo if they’re not into white sage. As long as people do it, do anything. Don’t let your crystals get clogged, blocked and stagnant! Do anything you want, just clear them!

  5. Kathrin Roberts

    As usual, Ethan, practical and down to earth advice. I have crystals all over the house, some for specific purposes in specific places, a lot in grids in various places, some in Selenite bowls, larger ones for display. There used to be a saying that “Life’s too short to stuff a mushroom.” I think the same principal can be applied to cleansing crystals!
    But as you say everybody’s different and like to do things their own way.
    Have you thought about doing a book on the many ways to cleanse and charge crystals? I know that you cover these in the books you have already published, but I was thinking in a more fulsome way?
    Anyway thank you for this informative article.

  6. Cherry

    There is also the point – Ethan has made this amply elsewhere – that it isn’t just elemental or astrological associations which should dictate the cleansing method.

    I have two gorgeous raw Heliodors. I would never use salt, water or moonlight to cleanse them; but then, nor would I use a Tibetan singing bowl. The reason for this is simple: they have quite a few fractures, hence why they aren’t faceted, and the sonic vibrations could shatter them.

    As far as the salt and/or thing goes, many crystals will undergo undesirable chemical reactions with salt and/or water, as well as other household substances; for example, whatever you do, don’t expose Diamonds to bleach or any other source of chlorine — it will mar their surface, and getting them re-faced isn’t cheap. Angelite cannot be exposed to water because it’s anhydrous, and exposure will turn it back into ‘ordinary’ gypsum. The list goes on and on, and Ariston.

    For my Heliodors at least, water is simply the wrong element; I’m lucky, in that they will directly tell me if a method of cleansing isn’t right for them. I’ve offered them a water cleanse a few times, and each time a clear message has been my reply: “No, please don’t do that.” So I don’t. Heliodor is of course a Solar gem, so – with due regard to the harms UV radiation can cause a crystal – Sun cleansing is the best technique I’ve found for them. The Universal Light cleanse, which Ethan has also covered in other blog posts – Ethan, perhaps you’d be good enough to give us a pingback to that post? – is the only universally safe cleansing technique I know of. It involves nothing, other than energy and intention, and so is safe for any crystal, regardless of affiliation or chemical makeup.

    Love and Light.

      1. Steph Minns

        Thanks for the post, Ethan. I generally use white light visualization, maybe drawing a Reiki symbol with my finger over the crystal sometimes. I feel that’s a good ‘no-fuss cover all’.

  7. Leigh

    Thank you for this truly wonderful piece on cleansing crystals. Intention…Knowing. Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. Again, thank you Ethan.

  8. Rob

    Thank you for this article, Ethan. As a ‘newbie’ to crystals I’ve found a lot of information out there and even more questions than answers.
    I just use white sage for cleansing my crystals and I feel it works a treat

  9. Cherry

    Rob, if you find white sage works for you and your crystals, then – for now at least – there’s no need to change it. However, some people are unable to use smoke-based cleansing, for several reasons — displeased landlords, sensitive smoke alarms or breathing issues among them. Ethan has always been wise to provide alternatives which are safe for anybody and any crystal.

    Love and Light.

  10. Rob

    Absolutely, what works for me might not be practical for other folks. And, if I did run out of white sage, it’s good to know there’s other safe methods of cleansing
    Blessed be

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