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Connect With Your Crystals Guided Meditation VIDEO

Connect With Your Crystals Guided Meditation VIDEO

Connect With Your Crystals Guided Meditation VIDEO

This powerful guided meditation will help you connect with your crystals. I am sharing my favourite crystal meditation here with a fully guided FREE video recording to help you connect with the energy of any crystal you have…

How To Connect With Your Crystals

Meditating with crystals is one of the most effective (yet underused in my opinion) ways to connect with your crystals. By connect I mean connecting with the energy and consciousness of your crystal. This helps to form more of a bond with your crystals.

Free 10 minute meditation to connect with your crystals
This meditation can help you connect with your crystals

It also lets you experience their energy in a more receptive state of consciousness (even if you don’t normally ‘feel’ anything. Depending on the crystal you choose and your own sensitivity this meditation may also help you receive messages or guidance from your stone on how it may help you or what you need to heal or work on.

Altar with crystals and books
Altar with crystals

Try My Guided Meditation To Connect With Your Crystals

This is one of the most powerful meditations I have used to connect with the energy of crystals. It came to me intuitively around 15 years ago. I did not learn it from another teacher or read about it. I’m now aware there are other people with similar meditations out there but this is my version.

I’ve recorded this guided meditation for you to listen to whenever you like. I have uploaded it to my YouTube Channel (Please SUBSCRIBE) but I’ve embedded it here for you (see below!).

Please comment on the video afterwards to share your experience. Thank you and enjoy!

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6 thoughts on “Connect With Your Crystals Guided Meditation VIDEO

  1. Julie Graham

    This meditation is beautiful and simple to do. It really takes you to the essence of your crystal for a deeply connecting experience. Thank you Ethan for sharing.

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