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AMETHYST Crystal Benefits, Meaning & Uses in Crystal Healing (+Guided Meditation)

AMETHYST Crystal Benefits, Meaning & Uses in Crystal Healing (+Guided Meditation)

AMETHYST Crystal Benefits, Meaning & Uses in Crystal Healing (+Guided Meditation)

Amethyst crystal benefits and meaning in crystal healing explained. Learn how the energetic properties of amethyst can transform your life…

Amethyst Crystal Benefits

Many people are drawn to this purple stone. This crystal has many different properties. What I share here are just a few of its many uses. I’m focusing on some of the key strengths that I have found it has. Plus Im also sharing a special guided meditation video you can try with your Amethyst.

Amethyst Crystal Benefits
Amethyst Crystal Benefits Explained


Amethyst is a variety of purple Quartz. It ranges in colour from pale lilac to deep violet. It can be transparent to opaque, growing naturally into crystal points and geodes. It is readily available and one of my must-have crystals for those interested in crystal healing.

Amethyst cluster crystal
Place an Amethyst cluster on your altar or meditation space


Chakra: Third Eye & Crown

Element: Fire, Air & Spirit

Rays & Flames: Violet

Ascended Master: St Germain

Angel: Archangel Zadkiel

Psychic Activation

Amethyst increases your psychic awareness. It cleanses and opens the third eye chakra, which helps you go beyond the physical world. This crystal supports your psychic development and enhances your clairvoyant abilities, should you wish to use them.

Amethyst tumbled stones
Amethyst tumbled stones are so useful

Spiritual Connection

Amethyst tunes you into the spiritual realms. It opens the crown chakra increasing your spiritual connection to a higher power (Source, God, Goddess etc), your spirit guides or the Ascended Masters.

Amethyst helps you access your own spiritual wisdom. You can work with amethyst during and after a spiritual awakening. This crystal is high vibe and can raise your vibration.

Strong Psychic Protection

This spiritual gemstone offers strong psychic protection. It protects well against low-vibe energy and negativity. This could be generated by you or directed at you by someone else. It is useful for the protection of your property or any room you place it in.

Amethyst merkaba
Amethyst merkabas help raise your vibration

Cleansing & Transmutation

Amethyst is an excellent and often overlooked healing stone. This is because it is deeply cleansing and detoxifying. It works by transmuting negative or lower energy into a higher and more balanced state. It is also helpful in repairing the aura of damage or holes.

Dream Work

Although many people recommend this crystal for sleep I do think there are better options. Part of the reason is it is highly activating and stimulates vivid dreams. This is helpful if that’s what you want or if you are trying to have lucid dreams.

Amethyst crystal point
Amethyst crystal points are powerful

Release & Let Go

Amethyst has soothing and relaxing properties. Some find this stone helps soothe anxiety. It may also help lift heavy emotions or manage depression. Please note that it should never be used as a substitute for medicine or professional medical advice.

Amethyst helps you release the past and old patterns that no longer serve you. It’s also useful for overcoming self-limiting beliefs. It is known to be helpful in overcoming addictions.


I have created an immersive guided meditation video on Youtube for you to do with your Amethyst crystal. You will visit a crystal temple where you will release a block from your past, open your third eye and raise your vibration. Try it

I hope you enjoyed these key Amethyst crystal benefits. What do you most like to work with Amethyst for? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).

If you are looking for other information please use the search box or visit my FREE Resources page to see if it’s already been covered elsewhere.

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5 thoughts on “AMETHYST Crystal Benefits, Meaning & Uses in Crystal Healing (+Guided Meditation)

  1. Cherry

    I employ Amethyst for a number of different purposes.

    1. Unlike many people, I find it excellent for restful sleep and nightmare mitigation. I actually keep 4 raw ones under my pillow, along with 2 purple Fluorite octahedra.

    2. Pain control. Probably related to the same soothing properties which aid my sleep, I find Amethyst is quite brilliant at killing muscle pain… unless of course I get clumsy and drop a heavy one on my foot!

    3. Headaches. Again, this crystal’s soothing and analgesic properties mean that if I find myself with a headache, especially in the middle of the night, I simply place an Amethyst crystal – I have a beautiful 4cm one which is especially good for this – at my crown, with the termination pointed to my crown chakra, and within ten minutes the headache is, blessedly, history.

    4. Spirit contact. Whether it’s my guides, my Grandfather or Angels – including the Archangel Michael – Amethyst very definitely facilitates contact with the higher realms. For this, I personally tend to find the paler, lavender shades of Amethyst most useful, as they aren’t too grounding.

    5. Cleansing. I think many people know one or more places they’re obliged to go which leave them feeling in need of the energetic version of a good scrub-up. For me, it’s the main hospital in my area (the city it’s near to isn’t exactly fun either). I can often return home from there feeling energetically filthy. Having a physical shower or bath helps a lot, and my larger Amethyst points love to be in the bathroom with me while that’s in progress; but they can also perform the energetic side of the cleanse by themselves. These last two are also true of my larger Clear Quartzes.

    6. Clarity. In Greek myth, Amethyst was believed to prevent inebriation. I’ve experimented with this, with willing assistance from several Amethyst pendants in varying shades, and while I can categorically say that it doesn’t make me immune to the effects of alcohol, it does seem to benefit clear and concise thinking in spite of the influence of the electric soup. Naturally, being a combination of red and blue colour energy, it is, especially in its richer shades, both grounding and stimulating of thought.

    7. Protection. Amethyst is one of the most readily available and inexpensive protection crystals out there. That ability is likely related to its power to facilitate communication with spirit guardians. Some say that darker shades of Amethyst are more protective, but I haven’t found a noticeable difference between dark and delicate shades.

    Love and Light.

  2. Valerie

    Hello Ethan, I’ve worn Amethyst all of my life. It’s my birthstone and my favorite color, and it’s so very pretty. I wore it long before I discovered it’s magic or knew I needed to cleanse and charge it. I have a basic need for it. Your article has made me appreciate my amethysts so much more. I look forward to listening to your guided meditations. I have yet to really work on my charkras but I plan to do so this year. I am in definite need of self love and healing and can no longer continue to put it off. I just tried to buy you a cup of coffee but my computer wouldn’t allow it. The entire text box was grayed out, green actually. I will try again next time. Love and Light, Valerie

  3. Nikola

    i found that wearing amethyst made me overly emotional. Is that possible? My inexplicable grief went away when I took the ring off.

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