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Learning Crystal Healing and Overthinking Things

Learning Crystal Healing and Overthinking Things

Learning Crystal Healing and Overthinking Things

Are you learning crystal healing but find yourself overthinking things? Do you doubt yourself or are you stuck in analysis paralysis? Could you be holding yourself back from getting started with crystals or crystal grids?
I get asked a lot of questions about crystals and one thing that comes up a with some people is overthinking… It’s normal to have questions when we start learning about crystals but you must not let this hold you back.
Reading books and taking courses about crystal healing is a good thing but at some point, you need to apply what you have learned.


Learning crystal healing

Learning crystal healing (save to Pinterest)


You Don’t Need To Know Everything

You don’t need to know absolutely everything to get started with crystals. I get asked by people who seem to think they must know exactly how a crystal or crystal grid works to use them. The truth is nobody really knows this for sure and to be honest it should not hold you back.

“You do not need to know the workings of a car engine to be able to drive one.”


crystal books are useful but you must practice what you learn

crystal books are useful but you must practice what you learn


Caught In Analysis Paralysis

I have seen this search for answers lead some people to never really experience the power of crystals. I have known people talk themselves out of trying crystal grids based on some idea they had in their heads. Please don’t intellectualise this. Direct Experience is just as important as understanding the theory and may be the part that you need to really understand things.

“We learn best through experience.”



Crystals - what are you waiting for?

Crystals – what are you waiting for?


Too Many Different Opinions?

If you are looking for differences in opinion on ANY subject, you will find them. There is more than one way to do something and as with any subject you research from healthy diets, science, martial arts to yoga, the teachers and experts all have their own opinions and ways of doing things.
If this is confusing to you, rather than getting lots of different opinions on a subject, I think it is best to choose your teacher or author and just stick with them. It may be the only way to see if something works for you. It’s only fair to give them a go and test things out for a while.
You can always adjust things to suit you as you learn more but I think it is best to learn with some structure to start.


Crystal healing wands and tools should be put to use

Crystal healing wands and tools should be put to use


Second Guessing, Fear & Doubting

Am I doing this right? Have I chosen the wrong crystal?…
Sometimes I see people that have got started with crystals but are doing a great job of sabotaging things through doubting what they are doing or learning. A negative mindset can block anything you are learning or practicing, spiritual or physical.
Learning crystal healing should not need to be complex or stressful. Try to have some faith in what you’re doing. If you’re not confident with relying on your intuition with crystals then learn from others who know more than you do.
Find someone who you like that has lots of experience and you won’t go far wrong. You could save yourself a lot of time and avoid trying to reinvent the wheel.



You don't need to know the answer to the Universe for Crystal Grids to work for you

You don’t need to know the answer to the Universe for Crystal Grids to work for you


Stop Overthinking Things!

I hope this has given you something to think about when learning crystal healing. If your mind has been caught up like this or you are still trying to formulate the mathematical formula to explain the energetic properties of Clear Quartz – STOP NOW! You will have better results by putting your worries and doubts aside and just trying things out.
Are you ready to work with your crystals or crystal grids now? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (please keep any questions you have concise and on topic if you want a response).
With gratitude,


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18 thoughts on “Learning Crystal Healing and Overthinking Things

  1. Corrina

    I know that everybody always says do what works for you and there’s really no rules just guidelines My problem is when I feel somebody expresses how they program there crystals it’s genuinely the same idea but everybody does it a little different when I read yours it seems so simple and easy and makes me want to jump right in with it but how much time is that really spending with each Crystal. I know it’s different for everybody. I know you’re supposed to do what you think feels good for you or what’s best for you I get that part but I just didn’t know how much repetition or how much time speaking to them you generally do….

    My other problem is when I do cleanse my crystals are usually do them all at the same time or during a full moon…. then I have a group of crystals that all need to be programmed and it can get overwhelming because I feel like they all need to be programmed separately or differently and I get very overwhelmed. I feel like I want to try so hard to make sure they each get the proper intention and then I end up not wanting to do any of them because I feel like it’s going to be a big chore and I’m not having fun with it anymore. Can you please help me ?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      I would not really worry about time with each stone. I don’t log times and to be honest crystals work for people with busy lives. Building a relationship with your crystals takes time, you can’t rush it. Perhaps focus on just a few stones for a month?

      I am not sure I understand the second part of your question. Just to be clear I have never said all crystals need programming to work. I also have never said or do I believe that cleansing crystals removes the programming. That is called deprogramming and is a different thing all togther. Perhaps you should read my articles on cleansing, programming and deprogramming again in the Resources section under the beginners guides.

      1. Ceara

        I totally understand what Corrina was asking in the second part of her question. I know this was from 4 years ago but I really, really resonate with it. I feel the same way when trying to program my crystals after cleansing. Since I am beginning my collection I have many small stones, and use them for grids and display mostly, I only have a few pieces of jewelry. I think Corrina is feeling some “analysis paralysis” (love that phrase, sounds like my life lol) as she tries to determine exactly what function each crystal should be serving, program each one so they can be used at their “full potential”, and make sure they are all individually programmed correctly, as they all have different properties etc but we want to make “sure” we are using them for their intended purpose.

        I have been keeping a journal, taking notes on properties of crystals for each one I get so that I can open it up and flip to whatever I need, I think this helps. I still find myself forgetful of exactly what each one can be used for beyond the “basics”. I am overwhelmed just thinking of how I haven’t really meditated with each of my stones so far after reading a bunch of your articles for beginners today, it seems quite important but would take me a lot of time to properly do so considering I have like 40 small stones. I wish I did but I just don’t have 3-4+ hours per week to accomplish this work, and more particularly cleansing them daily.

        I guess I might be analyzing and paralyzing here now too, haha it seems like the takeaway is just do your best and find what feels good energetically!

  2. Joan Charles

    Just very founding advice and makes complete sense. The master is within and all we need to do is trust and be guided by our intuition to make things work the way they are meant to.
    Thank you for sharing

  3. Susan

    Brilliant, thank you! I was put off making crystal grids after one comment from an “expert”… but I do believe intent is everything, so I’m going to have another go. Thank you, Ethan for re-inspiring me! 🙂 xx

  4. Lisa

    This was perfect timing. I was asked this week how my gridding was going from the lovely lady I bought from and I haven’t responded to her as I bought the grids, bought a book on gridding ,have many many stones to choose from and yet for whatever reason I haven’t take time to do this, I just keep reading and watching you tube videos instead of doing it myself. Thank you for push I needed!

  5. Jun

    Hello Ethan,
    Is Labradorite a good guardian crystal for a person born at the end of June, a Cancer ?
    I like jade a lot. However as a protective talisman I am attracted to Labradorite.
    What do you think ?

  6. Sandra

    Hi Ethan,

    I’ve recently read 2 of your books and LOVE what I’m learning. Usually I pop you an email with my questions, but I’ve decided to ask 1 here today, as I think it may be something others are also wondering about.

    In a lot of your grids you place a bunch of clear quartz crystals (6. 8. 12) around the other crystals in the grid, and if my memory serves me correctly, these crystals always have the points facing outwards. Now I curious; say for arguments sake I’m trying to manifest money to buy a new car. I place a photo of myself in a similar car with my intention written on the photo, under the central stone. Why do I then place the points to amplify the desire outwards instead of inwards towards the photo and the central stone? (I’m thinking inwards for my desire, outwards for something like world peace)

    Also, if I used tumble stones instead of the pointed crystals for this purpose, would it still be effective, even though the energy isn’t being directed by the points?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Hi Sandra, thanks for getting my books. Yes for regular crystal grids I almost aways have the crystal points pointing outwards. There are other systems and ways but the way I see it when I manifest something I want the energy/intention to go out into the Universe and then bring what I need back to me. I am not really in the middle of a crystal grid, I am outside the grid. The note with name and any photo is just an instruction. I will cover this in more detail in future content.

      Quartz Crystal points are my first choice and prefered form for parts of the grids. Tumbles can be used but I do consider these points to be an essential tool for gridding and very effective.

  7. Janice Gambardella

    Thank you!! I’ve been getting myself all confused with all the info out there and am totally overthinking everything right now lol. This brought me right back to why I started, I love crystals, am drawn to them & fascinated with them & their lovely energy. I just finished your Crystal Grids Power book and you really make it all come together in a very concise and very user friendly way!! I’m picking you as my one expert for now, great advise. Going to relax, get comfy with it, then add my own instincts and most of all enjoy this journey!! Thank you Ethan!!! I need that!!

  8. Viktoria

    This is a great website. Very simply understood information and I can resonate with all that you have said in your beginners section. I have purchased and been drawn to crystals over many years but it has only been in recent times I have found myself really intent on using them daily. I am currently going a transitional process and I believe the need to connect with crystals is a part of this. The question I am about to ask may seem a little strange but I have to know that I am not projecting this. When looking at the photos of the grids I could feel the energy. When I realized this I went back to other photos on your site and felt the energy there too. Am I somehow imagining this or is it possible?

    1. Cherry

      @Viktoria, that’s wholly possible and in fact it’s the method I use to recognise ‘my’ crystals when I purchase online. I recommend you cultivate that, as it’s a good skill to have.

      Love and Light.

  9. Cherry

    We’re all just students, even people like Ethan and myself who’ve spent decades working with crystals.

    I know of a course which is offered by an American metaphysical organisation; they call it the “Crystal Master’s Certification”. I have a big-time objection to that, both because the mere title displays a complete lack of humility before our crystal friends and their transcendent wisdom, and because the crystals are the only real masters. We cannot master them any more than we can control a volcanic eruption; we can only ask for help and be receptive when it’s forthcoming.

    With that in mind, my sole recommendation is to simply listen to your crystals. You don’t have to be a crystal whisperer; that’s just the most direct form of human-to-crystal communication. If your crystals have a message for you, they’ll get that message across, one way or another. Following their advice, whichever way it comes, is never going to steer you wrong. You don’t need a course, a certificate or a silly title; you just need to open your heart.

    Love and Light.

  10. Emoche

    What a refreshing read, Ethan! I love how you tackled the topic of overthinking in crystal healing—so relatable. It’s amazing how something as serene as Rose Calcite can turn into a mental obstacle course for overthinkers like me. Did anyone else find themselves nodding along? Your tips on setting intentions really struck a chord. Who knew that keeping it simple could be so powerful? I used to think I needed a dissertation-level plan for each crystal session. Now, I’m embracing the “less is more” approach. Anyone else tried this and felt a difference? That part about trusting your intuition over rigid rules—pure gold. It reminds me of how often we second-guess our gut feelings in favor of “expert advice.” Have you noticed any specific crystals that help more with tuning into intuition? Personally, I’ve found Amethyst works wonders.

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