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Are Green Aventurine and Quartz NOT Compatible? The Truth…

Are Green Aventurine and Quartz NOT Compatible? The Truth…

Are Green Aventurine and Quartz NOT Compatible? The Truth…

Are Green Aventurine and Quartz a bad combination? You may have heard these two crystals are not compatible, cancel each other out, clash or should not be paired together. Here’s what you NEED to know first…

Green Aventurine and Quartz Are Incompatible?

In the last few weeks, I’ve had several people ask me about this on my blog, socials and recent YouTube Q&A Video. They have heard that you should never combine Green Aventurine and Quartz crystals.

People are worried about wearing them, carrying them together or putting them into crystal grids. They believe that these crystals are incompatible and will clash or cancel each other out.

I have to be honest, I was surprised that these two would be flagged in this way, so I want to just clarify my perspective on this topic for the record. Plus, I want you to make an informed choice before following this rule.

Green aventurine and quartz crystals
Never combine Green Aventurine and Quartz Crystals?
Clear Quartz crystal sphere
Clear Quartz is an energy amplifier
Green Aventuine tumbled stone
The dark green speckles in this Aventurine are probably inclusions of Fuchsite

Have you heard that these crystals should not be used together and where did you hear this? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).

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8 thoughts on “Are Green Aventurine and Quartz NOT Compatible? The Truth…

  1. Sam H

    Hi Ethan, I totally agree with you about this, it is more about the crystal NOT working with the individuals energy and aura rather than anything to do with the crystals. I find that working with crystals to “clear” a block within the aura, meridian, energies etc, can be traumatic as it can open up feelings within us that we need to deal with. I recall working with my Lemurian Crystal and Selenite as a combo when I needed to open my heart charkra, honestly at times I thought I was having a heart attack, the pain that the unblocking caused was intense indeed! Now, some people can understand and work with that, knowing that it is for the highest good and some people will find it all a bit too much and stop the work until they feel more able to cope and whatever their decision, that is fine, we should always work with our instinct with crystals. As I have said many times, I can’t stand Obsidian and won’t work with it and this may be the case with others when pairing Green Aventurine and Quartz. In the crystal world it is most definitely each to their own, I just get a tad peeved when “people” make it a “rule”. Lots of love and light to you 🙂

    1. Cherry

      Totally agree with you Sam; not on the Obsidian – I love that stuff – but on people being prescriptive.

      Let’s take Obsidian as an example. I know Sam would never suggest to me that I should forego the stone; likewise I wouldn’t insist that Sam should work with it. This would be equally true if neither of us knew how compatible Obsidian is with the other. Yes, there are crystals which are acknowledged to be helpful for specific needs, but even the “Master Healers” still won’t work for absolutely everyone, let alone everything. How many times have we read, on this very blog, statements like “Rose Quartz makes me irritable,” or “Clear Quartz feels terrible to me,” or even my own “Turquoise brings me bad luck.” ( I do have one raw piece which seems safe, but once bitten…) The evidence is there for all to see: everyone experiences crystals differently, and unlike pharmaceutical medication (though the same thing happens to a degree even with that) an individual’s reaction to any given kind of crystal can’t usually be predicted… and that’s without factoring in the possibility that two different crystals of the same kind can have diametrically opposed responses to one person!

      However, the above might be enough to dissuade a crystal neophyte from continuing down the path; I’ll just say that it’s a journey, which should be appreciated as such, not just for the eventual destination. If you are that person, don’t be discouraged: ‘your’ crystals will find their way to you.

      Love and Light.

    2. Gabriela

      You’re right, it depends on each situation and person and I think also that in certain circumstances and moments. For example, working with chakras some times we are more sensitive , perceptive, etc and we choose a crystal and the next time working the same issue we choose another. But what we have to work, we have to do it and it will come out to light for us to release and not always is pleasant, but it is not the crystal’s fault! I think that precisely that is one of the most wonderful things about crystals, we have thousands of options for each situation and person

  2. Maureen

    Ethan, as I read this I realized why you’re my first go-to when reading about crystals. It’s your kind, open-minded and caring take on sharing your opinions about crystals with the world. You offer this to us with no expectation of anyone bowing down to your brilliance or “power”, but rather as a gift to be received as we need it. You are indeed a rare gem in this beautiful world of crystals. Thank you for being you and for fully engaging with the world.

  3. Ana Cat Felix

    Ethan, I totally agree with you. I’m a big Aventurine fan, and I combine it with Clear Quartz to enhance its calming energy!

  4. Gabriela

    I had never listened before about these two crystal “incompatibility” and of course I agree with you, they are not only compatible but also great together for me, I work very often withthem together for abundance for an instance and even I client asked for a bracelet with crystals for Archangel Gabriel and Rafael and I made it with these two crystals and I did it so precisely because I find them very compatible and besides, the bracelet looks beautiful by the way . Thanks for sharing you experiences and. Knowledge dear Ethan, regards and blessings from Mexico City

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