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Crystals for New Beginnings and Making a Fresh Start

Crystals for New Beginnings and Making a Fresh Start

Crystals for New Beginnings and Making a Fresh Start

Looking for crystals for new beginnings or stones for a fresh start? These crystals can help make important life changes and will be your guide as you follow a new path.
Crystals can be a great support when you’re embarking on meaningful changes in your life. Whether you are making small changes or beginning a whole new chapter of your life. Here are six of my top crystals for new beginning and making a fresh start:

“The best time for new beginnings is now!”

Crystals for new beginings and a fresh start: Pin this!

Crystals for new beginnings: Pin this!

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Lemon Chrysoprase

Also known as Citron Chrysoprase. This is a pale creamy yellow stone with a hint of green, it may have some brown veins. The refreshing energy of Lemon Chrysoprase is ideal for those seeking change and a fresh start.  Let go of the past and step forward fearlessly with this lemon yellow stone.
Lemon Chrysoprase can assist in making a fresh start

Lemon Chrysoprase can assist in making a fresh start


Amazonite is an amazing stone for creating a fresh start. This green or blue green crystal helps you make positive life changes. It increases your faith in yourself and your own choices. Navigate a new path with Amazonite as your crystal mentor and guide stone.
Amazonite crystals for new beginnings and a fresh start

Amazonite crystals for new beginnings and a fresh start

Tiger’s Eye

It can feel scary to make big changes in your life, especially if you feel that you have no support system. This golden stone will help boost your self confidence and will be there for you every step of the way. Release the fear and step bravely out of your comfort zone!
Tiger's Eye for self confidence on new paths

Tiger’s Eye for self confidence on new paths


Labradorite shines with many almost holographic colours. This magical stone can be used to help us make important changes and guide us through big life transitions. Let Labradorite assist you through personal growth and transforming your circumstances.
Labradorite supports personal transformation

Labradorite supports personal transformation


Also known as Celestine. Celestite is a clear crystal with a subtle celestial blue colour. This delicate shimmering crystal helps you navigate new chapters in your life. Let heavenly Celestite support you in making a fresh start.
Celestite guides you on new paths

Celestite guides you on new paths


Moonstone has a creamy off white colour with a pearl like sheen in parts. This lunar crystal has long been used as a stone for new beginnings. Let the stone of the Moon be a light to guide you down unknown paths in your life journey.
Moonstone is a stone of new beginnings

Moonstone is a stone of new beginnings

Crystals for Motivation

Do you struggle to find the motivation to make changes or need help setting goals? I have another article about crystals for motivation with tips on setting goals that may help. Please visit the following link:
Crystals to Increase Motivation (+ Goal Setting Guide)
What type of changes are you planning in your life? Are there any crystals for new beginnings that you feel drawn to? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (Please keep any questions you have on topic if you want a response).
If you’re interested in learning more about crystals and Crystal Healing do check out my FREE Crystal Healing Resources page.
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7 thoughts on “Crystals for New Beginnings and Making a Fresh Start

  1. Latha Yaminee

    Hi my friend and myself decided to start a company and me being the main investor. Now that everything has been set up my friend now backout and I have absolutely no contacts who can give me leads for the company. Its been almost 2 months and everythig is at standstill and my friend refrains to pick calls n messages. Please let me know if thre is a sution. I am already wearing an aventurine.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      That does not sound nice. Crystals may be helpful but it sounds like the situation needs a practical solution and advice from people who work in your industry. Hope you get it sorted out soon

  2. See Chay Koon

    Hi Ethan.. my life had been upside down for 15years.. house money health all I dun have.. I don’t know how to stand up.. will u help me

    1. Dr Renu Bahl

      |lazzerine brother
      I am writing to you from India and read all your articles on pin IAm a tarot reader and also spiritual healer and crystal healer but do not do it professionally but now I need to do the same Guideme please

  3. Kenneth James Rhinehart

    Kind Soul Ethan,
    Thank you for the page. I’m a spiritual healer, I do it for family and friends of friends. No charge.. I’m new to crystals and your page is my new guide. I appreciate all you continue to do!
    Keep up the good work and I’ll continue growing learning and healing.
    Love Light and Healing
    KJR 8/1/2019

  4. Natasha

    After life long abuse in a toxic family, having done 2 years of healing and recovery work, finally accepted the truth of what they are and what they have done to me I’ve been able to let go. I’m looking for crystals to help me build myself and a life for me. Moss agate has come up what do you think? What do you suggest.

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