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Best Crystals For Hope and Faith

Best Crystals For Hope and Faith

Best Crystals For Hope and Faith

These are some of my go-to crystals for hope and faith. Try these crystals when you are facing challenges, things seem bleak or you feel hopeless. Summon the faith you need to sail through the storm and guide you to better times.

The Power Of Faith

There have been many times in my life when things did not seem to be going my way. Everything seemed to be going against me and anyone who knew what was going on seemed to doubt things would end well. During these times I found it helpful to see them as a challenge or test.

It is just too easy to give in and allow something to fail or fall away“.

If you can just tap into your spirit, dim the noise of the outside world or other opinions then you can tap into your faith. Many times I received the message through oracle cards or from my guides that regardless of how it looks right now, things will turn around. It’s not easy because it’s so much easier to doubt yourself or listen to negative self-talk.

hope quote - The only thing stronger than fear is hope

This Too Shall Pass

It’s hard to see clearly when you are in the middle of a storm. Just think how many times life surprised you, things suddenly turned around, there was a twist in your story? Do you remember a time when against all odds things came together in the end and the dark cloud lifted?

That is not to say that everything always works out in your favour, of course. But, expecting the worst-case scenario, worrying or just giving up will only make a bad situation worse. Sometimes this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy…

Angel Aura quartz crystal tower with rainbow
Keep the faith

Crystals For Hope & Faith

Try one of these crystals for hope if you’re going through a difficult time or you can’t see a way out of your current situation. You must make a conscious commitment to avoid dwelling on negative future scenarios.

These crystals will help you trust that things will improve and everything will work out for the best.

Meditation on the beach by the sea
Try this meditation for hope

Faith & Hope Crystal Meditation

1 – Choose one of the crystals for hope from this blog post below.

2 – Whenever you are starting to lose hope, hold your crystal and close your eyes.

3 – Take deep slow breaths and focus on the crystal.

4 – Visualise a bright white light pulsating within your stone like a star. Your crystal becomes a lantern to dispel the darkness and guide your way.

5 – See the light expand to fill your body and then your aura. Feel the energy raising your vibration. You should start to feel lighter.

6 – Open your eyes and have faith that you will get through this and don’t give up.

9 Crystals for hope and faith. Angel aura crystal point
Crystals for increased hope (save to Pinterest)


This enhanced crystal is also known as Opal Aura. It is created by bonding precious metals like Platinum and Silver onto Quartz. This high vibration crystal raises your energy and lifts gloomy mindsets. Angel Aura helps you stay optimistic and have faith during difficult times. Many connect with their angels through the power of this crystal.

Angel Aura crystal point
Angel Aura Crystal Point


This is a sunset orange to a peachy pink form of Feldspar with a golden shimmer. Sunstone is great for clearing all the chakras which can become blocked during times of crisis. This solar crystal nurtures a more positive outlook and eases depression. Sunstone is ideal for building faith and raising your vibration.

Sunstone tumbled stone
Sunstone Tumbled Stone


Brown, grey or black Quartz is all Smoky Quartz. This crystal made it onto my crystals for hope list because of its cleansing properties. Smoky Quartz absorbs negative energy from your aura. This earthy crystal grounds you in the present and is helpful to those who are monitoring their thoughts. Smoky Quartz assists you in reducing negative thinking and clearing the energy that this leaves behind.

Polished Smoky Quartz crystal point
Polished Tibetan Smoky Quartz Crystal Point


Blue to blue-green and such an amazingly tactile stone. Turquoise helps cleanse and transform negative energy. It reduces anxiety and stress. This healing blue stone calms your mind and brings you mental clarity. It bolsters faith and trust in the bigger picture and the direction of your life. Turquoise brings peace and calm.

Natural Turquoise Nugget
Mexican Turquoise Nugget


If you can’t find natural Citrine then you could use the heat-treated type for this purpose as a substitute. Citrine is another solar stone that brings in positive energy. This golden crystal lifts your mood and helps those working on thinking more positively.

Polished Citrine Crystal Point
Polished Natural Citrine Crystal Point


This stone is not so well known but very useful. Healer’s Gold is a mix of Magnetite and Pyrite, Apache Gold is very similar. This crystal is deeply grounding and helps you during big life transitions. Healer’s Gold anchor’s faith and hope that you will get through challenges in life and you can achieve your dreams.

Healer's Gold Tumbled Stone
Healer’s Gold Tumbled Stone


Ethereal and delicate, blue Celestite carries an angelic energy. This crystal is cleansing and has a high spiritual vibration. It helps you let go of limiting beliefs that may be holding you back or blocking you. Celestite increases your faith and helps you trust the process of your life as it unfolds towards your destiny.

Celestite tumbled stone
Celestite Tumbled Stone


These are now increasingly rare Quartz crystals from the Himalayas with a unique etched surface and soft pink colour. It is sometimes called a Kullu Rose. There is also a clear Himalayan Ice Quartz that is also sold under the trade name of Nirvana Quartz. These crystals have a very pure energy and help you clear the cloud of fear or outdated beliefs. You can work with Himalayan Pink Ice to strengthen your faith and bring you hope.

Himalayan Pink Ice Quartz


Tiger’s Eye is always making a regular appearance on my blog. It’s on my list for crystals for hope because it helps develop inner strength. This golden stone helps you see clearly and improves your mindset. Tiger’s Eye assists you in problem-solving and looking for solutions rather than the problem. This solar stone increases your faith in life.

Tiger's Eye tumbled stone
Tiger’s Eye Tumbled Stone

Don’t Forget To Protect Your Energy

The other thing I would just like to suggest is that you do use psychic protection if you are around negative people or are empathic. It is much harder to remain positive when we have people bringing us down. I share my best shielding techniques and crystals in my book Psychic Protection Crystals if you need a detailed modern guide.

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4 thoughts on “Best Crystals For Hope and Faith

  1. Tammy

    Thank you so much I am going to buy these crystals I do need a lot of hope and faith in my life right some one stole our dog out of our yard a few months ago and I started to feel like there was. No no hope or faith in finding this dog I have copd and this dog help me in breathing and in a lot of other ways thank you so much for every thing

  2. crystal

    hi ethan,
    thanks for sharing this list with us, they all look so good. i have been keeping up with what’s going on in the world today & while i usually do well there are definitely times that it’s harder to keep positive. earlier this year i got a 5 inch angel aura quartz dragon skull, she is so beautiful i just love her! been working with her quite a bit & it helps to keep positive through all of this mess. love that himalayan pink ice but i didn’t like the price years ago when i first saw it & with it being harder to find i can just imagine, maybe i will have to shop a little harder. 🙂

  3. Tammy

    High Ethan I just got the Nirvana quartz it is a nice Quartz I like it I will have to put it up so my grandsons do not touch it I have a feeling my grand daughter will love it thank you so much for the list

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