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9 Crystals For Inner Strength – Get through challenges

9 Crystals For Inner Strength –  Get through challenges

9 Crystals For Inner Strength – Get through challenges

Empower yourself with these crystals for inner strength. Help yourself stay strong in the face of challenges, obstacles and difficult people in your life. Find the strength to overcome a bad habit or weakness.

What Is Inner Strength?

Having inner strength isn’t about being a hero or fearless all the time. Inner strength is what makes you get back up again and also what drives you to push through or overcome your challenges.
Inner strength might be what you need to help stop yourself slipping into bad habits or to curb cravings. Also, it can be the strength you need to stop giving up on things too easily (like self-sabotage). For example, you might need inner strength to avoid mixing with the wrong crowd or getting back with your toxic ex.

Just a few crystals for inner strength

How To Work With Crystals For Inner Strength

There are crystals that can assist you in building your inner strength. As always I recommend that you program them (infuse them with intention) for the best results.
If you’re going through challenges, you will have to be extra careful to keep your crystal clear with regular cleansing. For instance, I recommend you cleanse them daily if you are wearing or carrying crystals. If the stone is around you in your home, cleanse it at least once a week until things settle down.
You can also use affirmations with your crystals each time you use them or whenever you feel you need to tap into your strength. Please see a few of my suggestions below.

Affirmations For Inner Strength:

I am strong and brave, I can do anything I want.

I have unlimited inner strength.

I can do this. I’ve got this.

I have the inner strength and willpower to do anything.

I am grounded in my inner strength.

I get stronger and stronger every day.

Crystals To Increase Inner Strength:


Bronzite is not as well known as the other stones. It has metallic brown coloured flecks which shift and change in the light. Bronzite is a good stone for increasing our determination to overcome the challenges we all experience in our life.

Bronzite Tumble Stone


This stone is usually dark green with red spots or patches, it can have white, orange and yellow colours too. Bloodstone brings courage to face life’s challenges and soldier on. It is also a stone of health and healing, so it’s good for sticking to healthy habits.

Bloodstone Tumble Stone


I’m sure Tiger’s Eye is no stranger to regular readers of my blog or books. It is my personal go-to stone for inner strength. This golden-brown stone also boosts self-confidence and has good protective properties. If you don’t know which stone to go for, try this first.

Tiger’s Eye Tumble Stone


Blue Kyanite can be light or dark blue with a silvery-grey sheen. This high vibe crystal is connected with the energy of Archangel Michael and helps you develop inner strength and self-belief. In addition, Blue Kyanite shields the aura and calms you down too.

Polished gemmy Blue Kyanite


Red Jasper is an earthy red opaque stone and may have dark veins or white or yellow patches. Work with this stone for inner strength to increase your determination and face obstacles. This is a stone of courage, that also strengthens your energetic and personal boundaries.

Red Jasper Tumble Stone


Also known as Spotted Dolerite. This is the stone that was used in Stonehenge 5000 years ago and comes from the Preseli Hills in Wales. It is mostly grey-green with white spots and patches. Preseli Bluestone gives you the strength and courage to overcome obstacles and challenges.

Preseli Bluestone Pyramid


Carnelian is waxy looking and often a mix of orange, red and white, it may also show veins or banding, similar to Agate. Carnelian is a stone of personal empowerment. It is an excellent crystal for inner strength and believing in yourself.

Carnelian Tumble Stone


Metallic dark grey Hematite is an Iron Ore mineral known for its grounding and shielding qualities. Hematite helps you keep others energy out of your aura or living space. Also, it will help strengthen your resilience too.

Hematite Egg


Gray, brown or black, Smoky Quartz is mostly a clear form of Quartz. This crystal strengthens our belief in ourselves. During difficult times Smoky Quartz helps absorb negative energies from our own fears and worries.

Polished Smoky Quartz Crystal Point

Which crystal for inner strength will you be trying? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).
With gratitude,

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19 thoughts on “9 Crystals For Inner Strength – Get through challenges

  1. Roy hoffman

    What crystals would help your thyroid gland after you have part of it removed Or all of it I’m not sure what they’re going to take out yet I go in tomorrow for a CAT scan if you could help me with this matter I would appreciate it thank you Roy

    1. Sam Hartridge

      Hello Roy,

      The Thyroid is covered by the throat chakra, so any stone that works with that chakra would be good – mainly blue. From personal experience, I have found Blue Lace Agate and Sodalite to be good. Good luck with the investigations. Blessings to you.

  2. Carol Lovelock

    Thank you Ethan I am just recovering from a miner op and have joined a Health Coach Group to try and motivate me to exercise more and drink less so your message came at the right time.

  3. Annette

    My go to crystal for inner strength is Smokey quartz. Thanks for this info. I am going to use some of the ones you mentioned. The only 2 I dont have are Bronzite & Preseli Bluestone.

  4. Stephanie

    Thank you for this list! I’m currently job hunting and thinking of using smoky quartz, dolomite and carnelian, esp for job interviews. I like to keep a ‘worry stone’ in my pocket, helps me focus and stay grounded from nerves. Do you recommend anything different or additional that would he helpful?

  5. Gina Mares

    Hi Ethan, I have these beads for inner strength. Is it ok to wear them all together on one strand? I string beads and didn’t know if I had to make separate bracelets with the beads or if I can just make one bracelet with the beads you have listed.
    Thank you 🙂

  6. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

    PLEASE READ – Hi guys, just a little reminder that if you’re commenting, I have asked at the end of this and all blog posts that all comments and questions must be on the topic of this blog post. Otherwise, it will derail this topic and also make it hard for future readers to go through the unrelated comments… Thanks

  7. Tammy

    High my go to stone / crystals well I love them all but I would go with red jasper or blue kyanite I do not have them so I will be buy some this weekend thank you so much for all of these articles they do help out a lot

  8. Karen Stalinski

    Thank you for the wonderful information. Your article has given me many ideas for healing myself and a close friend who are going through the same difficult situation.

  9. Jesse

    Hello Ethan,
    My go crystals for inner strength are Hematite and Blue Kyanite. I am a Scorpio and I tend to absorb other people energy so I use it to block all negative energy and to help me ground me when needed. My Blue Kyanite is paired with my Moldavite to balance the strong energy from Moldavite. They work great together.

  10. Karen Newbery

    Would Preseli Bluestone be beneficial in a Reikie Crystal body layout on the heart chakra for someone who is suffering from a broken heart after losing her son and husband recently? I do many different layouts but had never heard of this stone and feel like it would give her the inner heart strength she so desperately needs. Thoughts

  11. Iren

    Thank this you very much for this great article, you never fail to deliver!
    I have four of the stones, recommended by you 🙂 CARNELIAN – earnings and necklace, makes me feel wonderful wearing them, RED JASPER – earrings, I appreciate you mentioned it’s wonderful properties, TIGER EYE – necklace and bracelet, i was happy to learn from you it’s my Guardian Stone, and a bracelet made of TIGER EYE and HEMATITE, my long time favorite stone, and few HEMATITE rings. I like to cleanse my stones, using MERU PYRAMID, I got it through the link you posted. It’s wonderful! Thank you again.
    Thank you very much for the
    TIP: When going through challenges make sure you cleanse your crystals often as they will absorb more negative energy than usual.

  12. Natasha

    Do I have to wear the stones according to the chakras example carnelian as a belly button ring or chain and blue kyanite as earrings or could I wear carnelian as earrings?

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