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Writing Update 2021, Book & Oracle Cards

Writing Update 2021, Book & Oracle Cards

Writing Update 2021, Book & Oracle Cards

Here’s a writing update about my current projects. Where I’m at with the next book, Crystal Grids Power 2 and my crystal oracle cards…

It’s been quite a while since I have posted a writing update on here. I do post regular updates and news in my newsletter and in my stories on social media. I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about the next book and my oracle card project. So I think it would be a good time to clarify these questions and let you know where I am at.

Yes, I’m Still Writing!

Don’t worry I haven’t stopped writing books. If I’m being honest 2020 was a bit of a difficult year for me (as it was for many people). After some personal challenges and a few harsh book reviews, I lost a bit of confidence in my writing.

I think this took some of the wind out of my sails but I’m okay now and have found my writing motivation again. I wish I could write faster but I don’t want to rush things out either. There is something else too…

My three books
I’ve published three books so far. Learn more HERE

I’ve Not Told You This Before…

I also want to bring something up I have never talked about before but as other authors are, I think I should too. Although the books are doing well, I still need to work a part-time job to support myself.

This means I am not able to write every day and have to balance lots of other things too. Writing and editing blog posts, taking my own photos, personally responding to people on social media, DMs and emails are all commitments that take time.

I also run a small jewellery business which I have massively scaled back to give me more time. My goal is to do writing full time but I’m not there yet and that’s okay. The next book will hopefully take me closer to this.

Why I’m Writing Crystal Grids Power 2

This is my number one project and commitment right now. I get lovely comments, emails and messages about Crystal Grids Power almost every day. The intention behind writing the 2nd volume is to create a much more in-depth guide for those who have read the first book. Plus, I have designed many more crystal grids since it was first published.

There are a lot of books about crystal grids that have been released since 2017. All great contributions but there are still topics I don’t see covered in them, like help with manifesting or different types of grid bases for example.

Research books
Lots of research has been involved in this book

What You Can Expect From Crystal Grids Power 2

In the first volume, I focused on what you need to know to get started, understand what intention-based crystal grids are and how to make them. In this volume, I explore more ways to enhance your crystal grids and go deeper into the meanings.

Crystal Grids Power 2 will cover many new sacred geometry shapes and symbols in more detail. I have included more crystal shapes and forms and how to work with them. The book covers things you rarely hear about elsewhere like timing, astrology and creating sacred space.

I’ve created over 50 crystal grids that are categorised by intention for easy reference. Each crystal grid now comes with a list of suggested crystal shapes and forms. The new grids have at least three pages each. I think you can see this is going to be a much bigger book.

Crystal grid and my book
New crystal grids coming

Where I’m At Now With This Book

So far I’ve written 51,000 words over 220 pages and that does not include any illustrations. To give you some perspective, Crystal Grids Power was 31,000 words and has 192 pages including illustrations. I’ve just completed the section on astrological crystal grids. This is towards the end of the book but there are still a lot more crystal grids to cover.

I’m also planning on creating a quick index of crystals you can use to create your own grids at the back of the book. After it’s finished there will still be editing plus I need to create all the illustrations and the printable grid templates file that will come with the book.

I’m seeing this finished and published in 2022, all being well. I have no specific time frame yet. I will update people when I finish the first draft and when I have a better idea of when it should be released. Thank you all for sticking with me and for continuing to support my work 💚.

The Oracle Card Deck

Earlier this year I wrote a blog post about a project I had been working on. It’s an oracle card deck with a crystal theme. I’ve made a prototype of the deck which I’m working with daily and have a notebook filled with the meanings of the cards.

The oracle has a structure and suits (groups of cards) so it’s been quite a big project. The cards are very different to your usual crystal oracle decks. This isn’t just images of crystals, there are illustrated scenes, symbols and a narrative.

Over the last few months, I have made a few needed tweaks to the illustrations and meanings. I have planned out the oracle guidebook and its structure. I have written the introduction and started writing the beginning of the guidebook. This is around 2,000 words so far.

My oracle deck prototype (not the actual back design)
My oracle deck prototype (not the actual back design)

Finding An Illustrator

This took some time as there isn’t really anything exactly like this out there. I went through hundreds of suggestions. I am happy to say I have found an illustrator that I think is right for the deck which I will submit to the publisher once the project gets the green light.

Why I Had To Stop Working On This Project

I realised that this project was taking up so much of my time that it was stopping me from writing. I have had to put it on pause for now so I can concentrate on finishing Crystal Grids Power 2. For me, I have realised that working on several projects at a time means they take a lot longer to complete.

After my crystals grids book is published, I will be finishing off the guidebook for the oracle and then reaching out to my ideal publisher. This is a big step for me and not something I am used to. I really believe in my oracle and can’t wait to see it reach the world but I have had to accept that there is a right time for everything.

Labyrinth oracle card bag
This is the labyrinth bag I keep my cards in. This symbol is important…

I’m Following My Guidance On This

My oracle has already helped me on my path. In readings about this project, it has guided me to focus on finishing the book first which makes sense and confirmed what I suspected. After that, I can give the oracle my full attention and energy. I will be free to work on any deadlines needed by a publisher.

So to clarify, I will be focusing on writing Crystal Grids Power 2. Then after that has been published I can finish off the oracle guidebook and submit my idea to the publisher.

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With gratitude,


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17 thoughts on “Writing Update 2021, Book & Oracle Cards

  1. Deirdre

    Ethan thank you for the update. My husband and I are both excited for the next book. He loved your first one on crystal grids and has been using it frequently. When it comes out we will be getting it.

    I am also super excited about the oracle deck. I have seen several, but I have held off buying one because I knew you would be coming out with your own. The Universe has been telling me to be patient and wait for that one. Not my strongest virtue, but none of the other decks have really pulled at me.

    May your creativity flow and many blessings.

  2. Inderjit Mehmi

    Hi Ethan,

    I am so delighted to hear that you are working on your second Crystal Grids book and an oracle deck too. I can not wait to place my order for both items. I have read all three of your books as you might already be aware and I can clearly state that each book is full of insightful guidance. I feel that I have found the right information at the right time when reading your books. I firmly believe in synchronicity as you yourself mention above!

    Good Luck with the completion of both book and oracle deck. I am certain that both these projects will help those that are ready to receive your wisdom and will no doubt be a huge success, for sharing knowledge with others should be celebrated at all times!

  3. DeLayna Johnson

    Wow, you are an extremely busy man! I was just talking about your crystal grid book to a friend and highly recommended it to her. Excited to hear there is a #2 in the works! I would definitely love to have the oracle cards too. May the universe bless you today and always

  4. Nina Layzell

    Hi Ethan, this is great news. As a newbie to crystal grids I found your first book so easy to follow and to the point – some books waffle on a bit . I read this so quickly , I couldn’t put it down – which is unlike me as I’m easily distracted! I love the details for each grid it’s really helpful for beginners. Look forward to the next one!

  5. Leanne

    I want to say Thankyou for sharing your passion with us. Truly. Your spreading your beautiful energy through your love of crystals. Well done and good luck ☆

  6. Janet Miller

    Hi Ethan,
    I think you’re a great writer. Don’t let the haters get you down. As they say in the song “Haters gonna hate” .
    You are talented and your book on crystal grids is one I use often. I can’t wait to see Crystal Grids 2 and I’m excited for your oracle deck.
    Keep on keeping on.

  7. Teresa

    I am sorry to hear you had some harsh critics on your books. When you brave enough to put yourself out there, you will find your fans and your critics (seems they have nothing better to do with their time). I love your books, especially Crystal Grid Power book as it made things simple with great explanations and ideas. I wonder what else there is to cover as I thought it was so well done, well I can’t wait to see Crystal Grid Power 2 comes out. Sign me up for a Kindle copy. 🙂

  8. Carmen

    Your first Crystal Grids book has been my introduction to crystal grids and the way they move the energy around me. I am trying out new grids and crystals and find your book an indispensable companion on my journey.
    Thank you for the updates on your work. May you have the inspiration and peace you need to put forth your next book. Look forward to continue learning from you.
    Light and Blessings!

  9. Cora Patricia Harrison

    Hi Ethan,
    Thanks for the update. I got your first book of grids and have used them over the past couple of years with success.
    I have just seen another ladies blog about oracle cards. However I will wait for your cards to come out. I like to follow certain people and not just everyone.
    I am really looking forward to your second book and will be buying that as well
    Good luck with your writing.

  10. Kathrin Roberts

    Ethan, pay no attention to critics of your work. Your three books are marvelous and they are my “Go To” books over all the others. I too am so looking forward to your new book and it will, I’m sure, be another “GoTo” for me.
    The reason your books are so good is how you explain everything so well – “3D” explanations instead of “1D” – is how I think of it, “1D” being some other crystal experts who have written books, and I do have some of those!
    I like the way you give alternative crystals to use, instead of assuming that the reader has every crystal that is mentioned.
    I am also looking forward to your Oracle deck. But having said that I accept that everything takes time and I am willing to be patient while you create the kind of book and Oracle deck that I will be so happy to own.
    Thank you

  11. crystal

    hmmm, not only am i habitually late to your email leads to your blogs, it seems i miss things altogether. didn’t realize that you were working on a 2nd crystal grid book, hooray!
    it sounds great, i will be purchasing it to add to my collection of your books. also will be purchasing your oracle but i have to say i am a bit sad that you will not be using the (stamped ?) golden f.o.l. on the back, i think it would be perfect for the oracle as it is in it’s imperfectness – like gems & minerals themselves. looking forward to your projects but no pushing or shoving from me.

  12. Sylvia Eichman

    I an excited to hear about your new book and oracle cards. Will these be sold on Amazon? Do you have a date when the book and cards will be available for sale? I want to purchase these items.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Thank you. The book will be out in 2022 but I don’t have a set date, I’ll update nearer the time. The oracle isn’t self-published so should be available anywhere that sells books and oracles online or offline. There is no date for this as I don’t have a publishing deal yet. When I get that, the publisher will give me a release date.

  13. Cherry

    Hi Ethan!

    Your oracle’s guidance is spot on! I know from experience, trying to run several projects at once dilutes your energies too much, so that none of them are the best they could be.

    Here’s to success for both! *Raises imaginary glass of champagne since it’s only 6:45 am*

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