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Crystal Grid Central Stones, Focus Stone, Centre Stone

Crystal Grid Central Stones, Focus Stone, Centre Stone

Crystal Grid Central Stones, Focus Stone, Centre Stone

Select the right crystal grid central stones for you. Also known as a centre stone, focus stone, key stone or master stone. Why are they so important and what do they do? What shape or form is best for your crystal grid?

I get a lot of questions about central stones so hopefully, this guide will clarify things for you. Plus, it includes my guide to some of the best crystal shapes and forms for crystal grids.

Please note that this guide is not about grids that go around a room, house or location. This is also different from crystal grids placed on or around the body (AKA crystal layouts). This article is about regular crystal grids that can be placed on a table for example.

Regular crystal grid on a table top
A Regular crystal grid for the Spring season

What Is A Central Stone?

A central stone (aka centre stone, focus stone, keystone or master stone) is a single crystal at the heart of a crystal grid. Generally speaking, central stones sit at the centre of the crystal grid and are usually the largest crystal. If you use a note with your intention written on it, you would place this under the central stone.

A Selenite sphere central stone
A Selenite sphere central stone is used in this Full Moon crystal grid

What Crystal Should They Be Made Of?

Any type of crystal or mineral could be used as a central stone. The type of crystal used depends on the intention and purpose of the crystal grid. A crystal grid for healing a relationship might use Rose Quartz for example. Generally, the stone should reflect the main intention of your crystal grid.

CRYSTAL TIP – Having one Clear Quartz central stone is a clever investment. As Clear Quartz is all-purpose and holds any intention, you could use it in any crystal grid or when you need a substitute.

This guide is not about the type of stone used but the role of a central stone and how its shape plays a part in its function. The information on the forms I’m sharing here is from my crystal grid book. If you’re new to grids I recommend Crystal Grids Power as a complete guide with grids already designed for you to follow. I also include substitute crystals to make things easier.

crystal grids power book by Ethan Lazzerini
A complete guide to crystal grids

What Does A Central Stone Do?

Firstly, a central stone represents unity and focus which is why it is always a single crystal in my grids. For me, a central stone is like the hub in a wheel and the engine in a car. It powers the grid, holds all the crystals together under a unified intention.

Central stones distribute and receive energy within your crystal grid. Plus, they help send the energy and your intention out into the Universe to help it manifest. They are doing lots of things which is why central stones are so important.

Does The Size Of The Central Stone Matter?

In general, bigger crystals do have stronger energy and more impact. The central stone is the focal point in your grid. As the central stone brings your grid into focus, try to make sure it does not look lost. As a general guide, the central stone should be the largest crystal used. A crystal with more mass or the tallest crystal naturally does this.

Placing a huge crystal you have in the middle of your grid may be too much and is not practical either. It’s all about balance. If you’re unsure, use your eye. The central stone must still allow room for the other crystals in the grid.

There are no set sizes as this is more about proportion. The size will depend on the size of your crystal grid and the size of the other support crystals you plan to use.

Different crystal grid central stones
Different proportionally sized crystal grid central stones

Does The Shape Of A Central Stone Really Matter?

The form of a crystal, whether natural or carved, has an effect on its energy and carries symbolic meaning. For instance, all Rose Quartz crystals have the same properties. However, you could enhance the heart chakra healing properties if it is carved into a heart shape for example.

There are forms that would benefit almost any crystal grid that I highly recommend. These are the crystal shapes that you will see in many crystal grids because they are so versatile, like standing crystal points. Below we will explore the natural crystal forms and carved shapes and their energies.

Crystal grid central stones
Crystal grid central stones

Guide To Crystal Grid Central Stones, Shapes & Forms

Please note that these central stones are listed in no particular order.


This is a natural or cut crystal point, which either naturally stands pointing up or has been cut at the base. These freestanding crystals are sometimes called towers. Generator points also fall under this category. They focus and beam energy upwards, making them ideal central stones in any type of crystal grid. They work well in hexagonal shaped grids.

Smoky Quartz Standing Crystal Point
Smoky Quartz Standing Crystal Point


These carved forms are four-sided with a flat square base. Pyramids anchor, raise and focus energy out through the tip, making them a good choice for any crystal grid. They work well in cross-shaped and square grids. Crystal pyramids are also ideal for crystal grids for manifesting things or balancing Earth energies.

Bumblebee Jasper Pyramid
Bumblebee Jasper Pyramid


Also known as a crystal ball. This is a stone that has been cut and polished into a perfect sphere. You will need a stand to keep them in place within the grid. Some stands will come supplied with crystal spheres. This form focuses and directs energies in all directions evenly, making them good central stones. They work well in grids for focus, psychic abilities, peace, harmony plus earth, moon or solar grids.

Selenite (Satin Spar) Sphere
Selenite (Satin Spar) Sphere


This is a cut and polished crystal with many facets also known as a Star Of David Crystal. From above the facets form a hexagram shape. These are not so easy to find but they make great central stones. Due to the geometries, they connect and direct energies in many directions within a grid. They work well in hexagonal shaped crystal grids and grids for protection, balance, unity or life purpose.

Clear Quartz Faceted Hexagon
Clear Quartz Faceted Hexagon


This is a crystal that has been carved into a flame-like shape with a twisting spiral form. Crystal flames are not common but can be used as crystal grid central stones. They generate and focus energy while directing it out and upwards. Fire element energies are helpful for transmuting energies. Crystal flames work well in crystal grids for cleansing, gaining knowledge, motivation or boosting energy.

Carnelian Flame
Carnelian Flame


This is a crystal that has been carved into a skull shape. These often misunderstood carvings can be expensive but smaller ones are more affordable. Crystal skulls bring in the help of spiritual beings such as your guides or ancestors. They are also known for being powerful healing stones. This type of central stone would suit crystal grids for guidance, knowledge, protection, personal transformation, ancestors or healing.

Amazonite Crystal Skull
Amazonite Crystal Skull


This is any crystal that has been carved into the shape of a heart (symbolic or anatomical). They gently radiate energies in all directions and make beautiful symbolic central stones. Crystal hearts suit any crystal grid focused on love, relationships, peace, emotional healing or the heart chakra.

Smoky Amazonite heart
Smoky Amazonite Heart


This is a crystal that has been cut into a geometric form known also known as a Star Tetrahedron or Merkaba Star. Crystal merkabas have eight points to direct and focus their energies in many different directions. They are used in crystal grids for spiritual development, raising the vibration, affecting the aura, personal transformation and protection.

Amethyst Merkaba
Amethyst Merkaba

What About Other Shapes & Forms?

This is not a definitive list, it covers the main ones to get you started. Some of you may know I’m currently writing volume 2 of Crystal Grids Power. In it, I will be covering other central stones such as clusters, goddesses, dragons, obelisks and platonic solids. Keep an eye on my social media or newsletters for the release announcement.

Do you have any go-to crystal grid central stones? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).

If you are looking for other information please use the search box or visit my FREE Resources page to see if it’s already been covered elsewhere.

With gratitude,


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9 thoughts on “Crystal Grid Central Stones, Focus Stone, Centre Stone

  1. Rodney Wagner

    Hi Ethan

    Is it possible to stack focus stones. If I have a flat crystal that I can put under a crystal point does this work in a grid? The flat stone is picked for a crystal characteristic I want in the grid and the quatzy point placed on top is the energy point. Does the shape of the flat stone matter. Should I use a square or hexagon etc? Any comments are much appreciated. Looking forward to your next book on grids.


    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      You could do this though I see it more as a grid enhancer, not the central stone. The shape of the flat stone has meaning too and should be considered. Squares bring stability and earth energy, hexagons balance for example.

  2. Nanette

    Thank you Ethan….loved this article and learned more.
    I think it would serve me well to purchase this book.
    My go to central stone is my Twin/Gemini Quartz….have you got one ?

  3. Cherry

    I have a lovely shaped Rainbow Fluorite which I think would be an ideal centre crystal for a grid. It’s been polished into a hexagonal shape, and has a table facet each side so it’s stable on a flat surface. The colours (green, white and purple) are very evenly proportioned and it has a wonderful, classically Fluorite energy.

    Can you suggest the best kind(s) of grid to use it in?

  4. Cherry

    Oho, balancing energy! I’m extremely territorial, which I think comes from being very sensitive to ambient energies. Upshot: I hate having strangers in my home. Of course, that doesn’r help when the flat has to be inspected (which to be fair is only twice a year) and someone from the letting agent has to intrude on the energy. I sometimes struggle to rebalance the energy of the flat the way I want it thanks to fatigue, but thanks to you I just had a completely new idea as to how to do it without using too much of my own energy.

    Thank you so much!

    Love and Light.

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