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Crystals Does Size Matter for Crystal Healing?

Crystals Does Size Matter for Crystal Healing?

Crystals Does Size Matter for Crystal Healing?

With crystals does size matter for Crystal Healing? Will a big crystal work better than a small one? Which is more powerful? Find out what you should know…
I get asked this question quite a lot. People want to know with crystals does size matter? We have all been tempted by the huge display crystal in the Crystal Shop, when we just went in to buy a Tumble Stone. Would the large one be more effective? The answer to this question is not as simple as it seems, and actually depends more on what you need it for.


Crystals big and small

Crystals big and small


With Crystals does size matter?

So with crystals does size matter or make a difference? Most crystals carry an electromagnetic energy field. Like a magnet, a small magnet simply does not have the same power as a large one. Metaphysical energy does work on similar rules but there are exceptions.
If you are sensitive to energies and have got close to a large crystal you may well have felt the increased power. The same thing can be experienced in a shop filled with crystals. It can be overwhelming with so much energy. This shows the power of mass.


Crystals does size matter

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Small But Mighty Crystals

Now that being said there are some small crystals that pack a punch too. These are sometimes called ‘high vibration’ crystals. Also gem quality crystals or high grade stones do often have a stronger energy. So you can have a small gem quality ruby in a ring that is just as powerful as a large lower grade Ruby Tumble Stone.


“Increasing the size of the crystal does increase the power, but if it is already powerful small, you may not need a larger size”
All crystals are unique, but generally a larger crystal will have more energy than a smaller one of the same mineral. Now despite all this there is no need to start buying only larger crystals or investing in expensive gem quality stones. In Crystal Healing it is all about what is needed.


Tumble Stones are perfect for your aura

Tumble Stones are perfect for your aura

Large crystals with tones of energy may be too strong for your needs. Different sizes generally suit different purposes. Here is my guide to when a smaller crystal is more appropriate and when a larger crystal should be used:


Small Crystals Uses:

Small Crystal Points, faceted and polished Gemstones and Tumble Stones are the perfect size and ideal for personal use. You can use them to carry with you or wear them as jewellery. You can use them to make Crystal Grids or do Chakra Healing layouts for example.


Large Crystal Uses:

Medium to large Crystal Points, Clusters, carvings and polished stones are more suitable for your home environment. You can benefit from their energy by placing them near you in places you spend time in or in a room you wish to add their energy. They can also be used for Altars and large or location based Crystal Grids. A medium Crystal Point or Crystal Wand can be used as a healing tool or in meditations.
So hopefully this has helped you understand that it depends on the stone and the situation. Over time you will just get better at sensing the energy of a crystal and knowing if you need anything larger or not.
Do you have a question about crystal sizes? Leave your question in the comments below.
If you’re interested in learning more about crystals and Crystal Healing do check out my FREE Crystal Healing Resources page.
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6 thoughts on “Crystals Does Size Matter for Crystal Healing?

  1. Aleksandra

    Thank you for you your wonderful information about healin Crystal.
    I just got the other day Mohrite mineral. I was just wondering whe is the healing power of this mineral ???
    Thank you ……….

  2. Cynthia Sagun

    Hi Ethan,
    sometime last month I bought some Black toumalines as I’ve read in the internet that these stones could help dispel/shield us negative energies. I out 2 pcs. of the stones (just about a size of a penny) beside our front door (inside the house). I could really feel the difference it made in my body. Before, I would arrive from work so exhausted and drained that all I just want to lie down and sleep. But after I bought the stones, I still feel energized even after a long day at work. I also bought some citrine stones which I put in my wallet and in the wealth corner of our house. I believe it helped me financially as I never ran out of money 🙂

  3. Jenny

    Hi Ethan, I am new to crystals and just started reading your blog. Can I buy crystals or they must be gifted in order to have healing power? I’m an Aries and I’ve read that the stones that I should use are Diamond and Ruby. I know there are many other crystals I can use, but is it a bad idea to buy them or should I wait for a point of time in my life when they’re gifted to me? Should I put them on my wishlist? Would that be considered as a negative energy since I want to use the crystals to give me certain power or feelings? I’ve read something like this about diamonds. Can I buy them online and ship them, does this do anything to their energy?

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