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Why I Stopped Blogging (and book update)

Why I Stopped Blogging (and book update)

Why I Stopped Blogging (and book update)

I started this blog in 2016 but the world has changed a lot since then. This blog post contains some real and raw challenges I have been through the last few years with blogging and my writing

Why No Blog Posts recently?

Laptop, crystals, salt lamp
Is blogging worth it anymore?
Ethan Lazzerini's youtube channel
My crystal healing books
My crystal healing books so far

Like many people, this is why I had to try other things. I can report that YouTube is actually working well for me. It’s the only platform where I am seeing any growth and finally managing to reach my existing and new readers. It’s been a learning curve and takes time – but it’s rewarding!

Unlike the hamster wheel of content creation, many are now caught in on social media, YouTube values long-form videos, depth and community. Unlike everywhere else these days, your videos don’t vanish after 24 hours. Videos I posted over a year ago get lots of views daily.

YouTube will suddenly promote a video I made 9 months ago! It also supports content creators who are essentially free labour on other social media sites. YouTube pay creators to create content through the ads shown.

Ethan's Youtube videos

I recognised the lesson here was that I needed to diversify my income and YouTube is starting to do this for me, which is encouraging. I also know that I need to create online courses for those who want them. I’m feeling positive about the future and will keep going.

Three crystal grids
More crystal grids on the way

Thank you for all the continued support,


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Psychic protection crystals book 2

33 thoughts on “Why I Stopped Blogging (and book update)

  1. Michael

    I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog posts, Ethan, and look forward to more whenever you find the time. Wishing you good luck with your new book and other endeavors!

  2. Carol

    Hi Ethan it’s sad to hear all you have to go through o get your wonderful information out to us. I have your books. I enjoy your blogs and YouTube. I hope this all balances out for you. I look forward to your next book. I’m I’m always watching out for your posts.
    Wishing you all the best. Love and Light Carol ✨️

  3. Tracie Talbott

    I have been reading your blog for years. I have learned much from you and would be sad if you decide to stop blogging. However, as an author and blogger, I understand where you are coming from. I know YouTube is probably the way to go, but I haven’t been able to let go of my resistance to video yet. If you choose to channel the energy from your blog to video instead, I will continue to follow you on YouTube and share your videos as I did your articles. Thank you for the time and effort you put into your content. You are appreciated.

  4. Catherine

    Hello, Ethan. I prefer reading blogs than watching youtube videos. Tik-tok is too noisy and jarring. I actually watch instareels/videos without volume.

    I guess I’m old-school. I like to go to libraries and bookshops to browse through books. Am looking forward to your new book.

  5. Stephanie

    I’m of two minds on this topic. On one side, literacy is going down the toilet more than it already has bc people don’t read. On the other side, we’re all so inundated by information with only so much time in a day, that we’re far more likely to put on a video in the background than take the time to read the same material. Creators need to eat too. I think if YT is working, despite how unfortunate it came to be, use it! People make livings at it but I’m 20+ years too late. I like the show and tell aspect of YT and always remember, change is the only constant in life. You got this.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      What ive seen is that although they are videos on YT, viewers are still buying my books. Had a lot of people say they found my books through YT so it’s actually pretty cool for authors.

  6. Sonja Metz

    Hi Ethan! I’m sorry you went through such a rough time. I hope your future endeavors will be more lucrative. I thoroughly enjoy your content – blog and Youtube.
    I’ve been working with crystals for a while, and I’ve only ever followed two creators – you and Hibiscus Moon. She also “packed it in” so to speak.
    You should seriously consider doing a course or two. Maybe start with something small, as an extension of your book on grids… just a thought!

  7. Nancy Curcio

    I will watch you anywhere you post! Please don’t make yourself crazy and finish your book! All will be well. We are living in chaos now, so take more breaks and get out into nature! Love, light and many blessings!

  8. Deirdre Treanor

    I personally prefer reading a blog post to watching a video. It’s more relaxing and I just process information that way, but I totally understand the need for the change. I can’t wait for your next book. My husband loved the others and I will be getting the next one for him. I am looking forward to the Oracle deck.

  9. lynette leckie-Clark

    Hi Eathan,
    Yes we understand totally and have similar experiences. It makes it hard to get information out there. We have a mailing list, but again, that costs a lot of money to ensure protection from hackers. Sadly it will get worse as governments have wanted total control of the internet for some time and spiritual sites seem to be easy targets. So it’s not just google. Thank you for you wonderful information on crystals – wonderful energetic beings.

  10. Gregg LeMay

    I’m sure your book will be every bit as valuable and good as your first. Many of us, as you said, faced incredible change and growth in our businesses and personal lives. You move forward with those life lessons and experiences. Be well! Namaste!

  11. kruzingwithk9s

    I am sorry that you are going thru all this. But I refuse to do the videos. I speed read and it is easier and faster for me to read something and save it (for future reference of my own use) than it is to watch a video. Unfortunately I am in the minority so I guess I will miss the blogs the most.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      I completely understand. Just incase others see this I just wanted to say that I chapter all my videos, so you can jump to the section you need from the bottom of the video. Also you can fast forward the videos by different percentages (bottom right video settings) for those that need things in a more concise way.

  12. Nina Layzell

    Looking forward to the new book Ethan, I’m sure it will be fabulous just like your other books. Your books got me into crystals they are very easy to read and one of the best one the market in my opinion. I hope it’ provides you with the success you deserve for all of your hard work. Best wishes

  13. Dee Richardson

    Quite understand, Ethan. It’s all like wading through treacle! I like the blog posts as I can print them off and read them wherever I am..(for instance, taking with me on holidays with no internet). YouTube I find too many distractions, i watch your vids, then other stuff comes up. Before I know it, I’ve spent my whole evening on the tube! I need a crystal or two for self discipline .
    Everything you do, and wherever you put – is very much appreciated.!! Really looking forward to your new book. ♥️

  14. Jamie

    I love your first book, your blog posts and your videos. Stephanie said it well about literacy. Personally I’m one of those people who prefer to read, however please don’t worry. Speaking as someone who found you through reading, I will continue to follow and support you on any platform and in any media you choose to present your content. I’m sure others will too. You need to do what is best for you. Times have been chaotic and a lot is changing. You’ve come this far though and you’re still going, you’ll make it. I can’t wait to see the new book. I’ll share a quote I like that’s helped me through some tough times, “A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor.”

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      It’s true I am learning a lot from all this. Just what I said to Stepanie, Youtube viewers are also readers. Many are now finding my books through these videos, which is great!

  15. Ann

    Hi Ethan,
    I am not sure if the blogs you refer to are the the articles in your newsletter? I enjoy reading those as they are very informative. However, watching a video takes much longer than reading an article so for that reason I prefer reading articles. Perhaps that problem could be solved by giving a transcript of the video directly underneath it (in your newsletters) or even just a summary of the main points.

  16. Michaela

    Ethan, I am so sorry. I love reading and I grow up blogging too in 2000s. Its sad to see where the world is now, the young ones so lazy to even read and preffering stupid dance videos.. Thankfully many people are waking up so hopefully not all is lost. Keep up the good work, maybe you can make some live online class where we will all meet?
    Looking forward to your projects and good luck 🙂

  17. Beth

    Thank you for sharing Ethan. I appreciate raw and real. This is very helpful information for aspiring content creators too. You are one of the content creators whose content I regularly seek out. I have one of your books, read your emails and watch your YouTube videos. I like YouTube videos because I can listen to them in my car on my way to work. I would love to buy you a coffee but I have been hesitant to do so because I’m in the United States and I don’t know if I will be charged an international fee by my bank. Do you know anything about that? Thank you for the quality content. I also buy courses and like small group live interaction.

  18. Offa

    Sorry to hear about the difficulties you’ve faced over the past few years with changes to Google’s algorithm making it harder for people to find your articles and the negative impact TikTok has had on creativity.

    I do hope that your YouTube channel will continue to grow and grow ✨

    It was through one of your YouTube shorts on the Galactic Wisdom Oracle card deck popping up in my recommended videos that I found out about your work this year.

    I’m not sure if Medium might be a good place to post your articles (if you don’t already) but some writers seem to do well on there.

    Thank you for sharing, it helps others who might be thinking of blogging.

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