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Thank you for showing an interest in learning from me. I do not yet have any courses but I am looking into creating online courses. This way I can reach people wherever you are.
If this is something you are interested in then please comment below and let me know what type of course or courses you would most like to take with me?
I want to hear from you!
P.S. Please keep your comments on topic, thank you.

29 thoughts on “ONLINE COURSES

        1. Toney

          …I am just the opposite of Pauline…I am a beginner and, right now, I am just buying stones as I run across a specific reference for that stone. Overtime, however, when that specific reference has been forgotten, I find that I have just “a drawer full of stones” with very little identification to them…there has to be a more organized way to approach this!…

          1. Sharon Courage

            I am with Toney on this , an easy to understand beginners course please in lay mans

  1. Donna Y Johnson

    A more intermediate course would be lovely. I want to be able to more effectively help others, and myself, through using my crystals to their potential. Emotional healing, General protection (physical and emotional) foremost. General knowledge would be awesome as well. Thank you.

  2. Tammy

    Thank you the water. Lesson it really did help me a lot what crystals would help me with Money I have read that it is rose quartz and what kind of grid would I use please help me there are times when I pick up a crystal my right hand feels hot or at times feels like it is on fire why can any one please help me with this some time when I am in east meets west and I put my hand over some crystals my right hand gets really hot please help me figer this out I am new at this am I weird or is something wrong with me please help me out I am a bringer at this

    1. Vijay

      It sounds like the stone is genuine. Sensitive people generally feel some kind of heat when they touch energy stones. There’s nothing wrong with you. You may be an elevated soul in your previous birth.

  3. Anne

    I would love a course on crystal healing for intermediate (how to work with clients). I just finished your book “crystal grids power” and loved it so much!! I learned a lot!


  4. Marita

    I would like to learn how to heal physical and emotional healing with crystals. How to properly take care of my crystals. I have enjoyed reading your posts.

  5. Jan

    I agree with Crystal Healing and using Crystals with incense or aromatherapy. I love all 3 and would love to integrate them all together.

  6. Hayleyann

    I am a reiki practitioner and use crystals with my reiki, a crystal healing course would be great, I would be very interested if you were to hold a course.hayleyann x

  7. Iga

    A course on building a healing crystal grid at home or for business as well as general healing course would be great. Thank you

    P.s where is a good place to buy crystals wholesale near London ?

  8. Tammy

    General course would like to know more about them my grand daughter loves the amethyst I think it”s. more the color she can tell you some of the crystals I have she only 8 is it okay for a young girl to start to learn about them ?

  9. Rainie Dae

    I’ve been looking for a good course in crystals, I’d love to know when your course starts.

    Thank you for all the info you put out 🙂

  10. Malisa

    I’m just now getting into crystals and stones and their meaning. I’ve collected a few here and there throughout the years not knowing their meaning or healing powers but just because I was drawn to them because of the color or shape. Here recently I’ve been practicing and studying Feng Shui and there are crystals and stones that are involved with Feng Shui , once I started reading about them it’s like I can’t stop and I want to get more and more of the crystals and learn more about their healing powers and spiritual beliefs along with how to care for them. I really enjoyed reading your article on the myths of crystals and yes I am going to sign up for the free e book I also would love to be a part of the online courses if you ever get it going . Thank you so much for the literature and your time you offer.

  11. Mick Ames

    I would like to see a affordable online course. I am a beginner , but would like to learn how open up to working with people. Thank you Mick

  12. Claire McKenna

    This might sound very basic but I’d like to have a course on how to identify crystals – I have picked up a number of them and while some are obvious, there are others that I’m not sure about. Thanks

  13. Cindy

    I am a beginner. I have purchased many beautiful stones using your website as a guide, but now they are just sitting in a beautiful display. I’d like to learn the ways in which I can used these stones aside from meditation. I’d also like to have a better understanding of their energy and their meaning. I did follow your instructions and made a crystal grid for protection, but I have no idea If it’s working.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      My whole website and the three books I wrote are all about how to work with crystals in different ways. Protection grids are very effective so unless you have had problems there is no reason to question or doubt yours.

  14. Kate

    I don’t know which book to buy and start with. I just need explanation what happend to me. I tried necklace of beautiful malachite and under 30seconds I felt sick a could not breath, it made my chest feel heavy.

  15. Dotteanna

    I’ve bought two of your books but I wish you did one on one mentoring. I would love to have video sessions with you! Any chance of that in the future?

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