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Thank you for showing an interest in learning from me. I do not yet have any courses but I am looking into creating online courses. This way I can reach people wherever you are.
If this is something you are interested in then please comment below and let me know what type of course or courses you would most like to take with me?
I want to hear from you!
P.S. Please keep your comments on topic, thank you.

16 thoughts on “ONLINE COURSES

  1. Donna Y Johnson

    A more intermediate course would be lovely. I want to be able to more effectively help others, and myself, through using my crystals to their potential. Emotional healing, General protection (physical and emotional) foremost. General knowledge would be awesome as well. Thank you.

  2. Tammy

    Thank you the water. Lesson it really did help me a lot what crystals would help me with Money I have read that it is rose quartz and what kind of grid would I use please help me there are times when I pick up a crystal my right hand feels hot or at times feels like it is on fire why can any one please help me with this some time when I am in east meets west and I put my hand over some crystals my right hand gets really hot please help me figer this out I am new at this am I weird or is something wrong with me please help me out I am a bringer at this

  3. Anne

    I would love a course on crystal healing for intermediate (how to work with clients). I just finished your book “crystal grids power” and loved it so much!! I learned a lot!


  4. Marita

    I would like to learn how to heal physical and emotional healing with crystals. How to properly take care of my crystals. I have enjoyed reading your posts.

  5. Jan

    I agree with Crystal Healing and using Crystals with incense or aromatherapy. I love all 3 and would love to integrate them all together.

  6. Hayleyann

    I am a reiki practitioner and use crystals with my reiki, a crystal healing course would be great, I would be very interested if you were to hold a course.hayleyann x

  7. Iga

    A course on building a healing crystal grid at home or for business as well as general healing course would be great. Thank you

    P.s where is a good place to buy crystals wholesale near London ?

  8. Tammy

    General course would like to know more about them my grand daughter loves the amethyst I think it”s. more the color she can tell you some of the crystals I have she only 8 is it okay for a young girl to start to learn about them ?

  9. Rainie Dae

    I’ve been looking for a good course in crystals, I’d love to know when your course starts.

    Thank you for all the info you put out 🙂

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